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PlaylistHero allows artists to select from some of the most popular playlists from top streaming platforms. Get the same access that major music industry insiders have and get your music heard!

Simply submit your track and instantly be connected with our curator network! Your track will be reviewed by experts and if approved will run for 30 days!

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We take the hassle out of promoting your music on Spotify. Our service increases your visibility and helps you reach a new audience.

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Our playlist promotion services provide artists with a powerful and effective way to get their music heard. By maximizing your investment, you can achieve greater returns.

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We curate playlists that align with your musical style, helping you connect with your target audience. By promoting your tracks on the right playlists, we help you get discovered and grow your presence.

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How Does It Work?

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    Pick your perfect promo, then hit submit—it's as easy as choosing your favorite tune!

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    Once confirmed, your track goes to the curator. If declined, bam! Instant refund.

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    Within 24 hours of approval, watch your streams, saves, and fan-base groove and grow. 🚀🎵